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One Of The Best Authors Of Her Generation

After The Verdict your life will never be the same

The Verdict will set many people free, descendants of slaves have sought their stolen identity for hundreds of years. The wait is finally over Guinevere will give them back their true identity.  Proven historical secrets will be exposed like never before.

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History Rewritten

The Verdict is packed with over 60 pages of illustrations, the verdict is handed out to major organizations, corporations and government.  The history for the descendants of slaves will have to be changed.

theguardian-xsmallJosie Blake, The Life

A Unique View On The World

The Verdict is filled with facts that will have you questioning your very own existence and what is real.  She gives the lost a voice and identity.  This book will change the lives of many.

globe-xsmallMary Maxey, The Globe And Mail

A True Masterpiece, Bravo!

A book like no other, it reveals some of history’s biggest kept secrets.  History and current events told like never before from the perspective of an awakened descendant of slaves.

theguardian-xsmallGerald Hendley, The Guardians

A Unique View On The World

Your life will be changed forever once you read The Verdict.  It is a book like no other.

globe-xsmallMary Maxey, The Globe And Mail

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The verdict will change your perspective on life

The Verdict Final Notice is a brave book that will ruffle many feathers and put the wicked on notice and finally make them accountable for their past and present actions.  The Verdict will enlighten and shock many.

Based on my findings I have discovered that my entire life was a lie, history will have to be amended.  So-called black lives will never matter until it’s told in truth and honesty.  Submit Your reviews on the Contact Me Page

Guinevere Jackson The Verdict Final Notice